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Questions & Answers on Subscriptions

I’d like to pay with mastercard/visa.

Of course! Just click subscribe. You’ll be taken to paypal’s site, but you don’t need a paypal account to subscribe — simply choose the credit card option.

What is the “Lifetime” subscription?

This is a special deal for people who wish to invest in Ramen up front, and help kick start Ramen Music. Normally a subscription is good for 1 year, a total of 6 issues. With the "Lifetime" plan, as long as Ramen Music exists, you will own a subscription. There are only a limited number of these accounts available, so if you know you’ll love Ramen, grab one before they go away.

What is your refund policy?

We can issue full refunds for all subscriptions within 60 days of purchase. After 60 days, we can no longer issue refunds to a credit card, but we’ll happily issue refunds to paypal accounts. Basically, we want to make you happy. If Ramen is not your thing, that’s fine: we’ll work hard to make sure you leave with a good taste in your mouth.

Do I get back issues?

Of course! Every issue Ramen Music has put out in the past is yours.

I live in the EU and don’t own a credit card. Can I pay with a direct bank transfer?

Sure! Email us at and we’ll send you our bank info.

Does my subscription auto-renew?

No. Subscriptions are good for 6 issues (Except the Investor subscription, which doesn’t ever need to be renewed). We’ll remind you when you are about to run out and give you a chance to re-subscribe.

Are the issues only available online?

Each issue is a private online webpage with a playlist full of music, packaged up nicely with artist info, track details, cover art, oh my!

You can also download high quality DRM-free mp3s or FLAC and play themwith your favorite player (iTunes, etc).

Can I view/stream the issues on my iPhone/iPad?

Yup! Our issue format is built specifically to be iPad friendly.

Who is behind Ramen Music?

Ramen Music is a musician-built and musician-run boutique. We are independent and media-conglomerate-free! Read more about us if you like.