Ramen Music hand-picks the best new tracks from independent & DIY
artists, simmers on low and delivers beautiful online issues every 2 months.

Music crafted for the web

6 issues per year, with 12-15 hand-picked tracks.

  • Independent
  • Fair to artists
  • High quality FLAC and MP3 files
  • Run by a musician
  • Immersive format
  • Free to share with friends

Each issue features a hand-picked selection of tracks accompanied by commissioned cover art and design.

Every track has a story. We back and forth with each artist and introduce them to you with high quality photos and videos.

The artist does most of the talking, keeping things up close and personal.

Stream the issues online. Play them off your iPad. Or just download the high-quality mp3s/FLAC.

Fair & Sustainable

Independent &
Musician Owned

Ramen Music was founded by a recording musician determined to create a fair option for artists. Read more about us

Fair Payments
to Artists

Our business model is specifically designed to pay artists fairly. Currently we pay over 75% of revenue to artists.


Why lock artists in? We do non-exclusive agreements only. No phone-book sized contracts here.

Open to All

DIY, independent, semi-pro—  we accept submissions from all artists in all genres.

Share our music

Just copy and paste me!

We believe sharing music with friends is pretty important. When you have something great you want to share, it's not about “if you should”—it's about finding the easiest way to do it.

We've made it super easy for subscribers to share full issues with their friends (including mp3 and FLAC downloads). Just copy and paste your personalized issue link and share it on email/ facebook/twitter.
(Read more about why we do this and why it's not terrible for business)

What People Say About Ramen

  • Very curated, beautifully presented music. So impressed, I just bought a lifetime subscription. Highly recommended.

    —Derek Sivers, CD Baby founder

  • I love this music and subscribed to Ramen Music for life.

    —Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder

  • Blown away by the quality of the @ramenmusic first issue. I'm now an investor!

    —Jim Van Fleet, Subscriber

  • Highly recommended. If you haven't yet, get a Ramen Music subscription! Good music, good karma!

    —Thomas Fuchs, Subscriber

Questions & Answers

What kind of music is this?

Each issue is like a mix tape. Exact genres and type of music varies from issue to issue, partly depending on the submissions we received, the mood of the curators and the position of Venus. Watch out, there are no genres here, only music that we love that we think you will love too.

Is there a free trial?

We’ve got something we think is better than a free trial. Go ahead and check out a full copy of Issue #05. It’s on us.

Wait, so the artists get paid?

Yup! Artists are paid a flat rate per song, the amount depending directly on the current number of subscribers. Subscribe now and currently over 75% of your subscription will go directly to our talented artists. For more juicy details, see the faq for artists

How is the music selected?

We've got 13 jury members scattered across the globe, listening to every band, individual or group that submits to us. We accept tracks that we find to be beautiful, inspiring, enjoyable, and fit nicely with the other candidates.

Are the issues only available online?

Yes. Each issue is a private online webpage with a playlist full of music, packaged up nicely with artist info, track details, cover art, oh my!

You can (of course) download the mp3s and play them (DRM-free and freely shareable) with your favorite player such as iTunes.

Can I view/stream the issues on my iPhone/iPad?

Yup! Our issues are built specifically to be iPad friendly and stream on all iOS and android devices.

—Sudara, Founder of Ramen Music
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